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Working hard your whole life?


Dealing with sponsors all the time? 

What will happen with your sponsors once you finish your career?


Do you have fans?

Benefit from it. In today´s digital world!


The World has changed.

And we are changing the terms of sponsoring forever! 


Do it your way! Your conditions! 

Create your own platform with your own freedom! 

These people and many others already did :​

We created APP for CHARLES GLASS Godfather of Bodybuilding and trainer of champions with clients like Magic Johnson, Wesley Snipes, The Rock, Jean Claude Van Dam...etc.

We created APP for ARTIST NICOLOSI Who created portraits of legendary subjects, including Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince Charles and many others.

We created APP for DEXTER JACKSON 08 Mr. Olympia 9x Arnold Classic Champion

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We are created APP + Strategy for RUDA PIVRNEC Famous comix character from EU.

We created APP + VIDEO COURSES STRATEGY for LIBOR PODMOL FMX World Champion X-games winner Movie actor Writer

We created APP for ATLANTIC CITY BOXING HALL OF FAME With Boxers like MIKE TYSON, Arturo Gatti, Larry Holmes, Leavander Johnson, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Mike Rossman, Michael Spinks




Do you have a MOVIE?

Make a step forward!




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These people already did :



ONCE UPON AN ISLAND MOVIE Narration and characters by Pierce Brosnan. Using our APP, Chatbots and foundation strategies.

STARLITE PICTURES Longterm cooperation with one of the BIGGEST full-service Film and Television Production & Media Company from EUROPE UNION.

Are you a COMPANY or a STARTUP?

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These people already did :












We created APP and FOUNDATION STRATEGY for ONCE UPON AN ISLAND MOVIE With narration and characters by Pierce Brosnan. Where we connected APP + MOVIE + INFLUENCERS to HELP WORLDWIDE FOUNDATIONS

We created WEBSITE and STRATEGY for NEW START UP Braillelabels Special PATENT to HELP BLIND PEOPLE. By 3D labels and 3D printing directly onto clothing in the embossed and touchable braille writing system for blind people!

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